Geographical Unit of Indonesia

Aceh is a part of the country Indonesia in the subcontinent South-Eastern Asia which is the part of the continent Asia along with the list of districts under it, in order to find the postal code or zip code or locate a place based on a specified postal code.

Province of Aceh

  1. Aceh
  2. Blangkejeren
  3. Blangpidie
  4. Calang
  5. Jantho
  6. Kisaran Barat
  7. Kisaran Timur
  8. Kisarannaga
  9. Lampaseh Aceh
  10. Langsa
  11. Lhok Sukon
  12. Lhoknga
  13. Lhokseumawe
  14. Meureudu
  15. Pidie Regency
  16. Samalanga
  17. Sigli
  18. Singkil, Indonesia
  19. Takengon
  20. Tapaktuan